Happy-hour or a workout?
Stop choosing.

Support local bands while you give it your all on an exercise bike! After your workout, grab a beer or a smoothie and salad at the bar, make new friends, and build a community in the concrete jungle. 

After 8pm we offer a traditional rock club experience with local bands and musicians of all genres performing their original music. Participate with the community in different activities Sunday through Thursday from 5pm to 8pm. Cycling while a cover band performs is available on Monday and Thursday. Visit on Wednesday for Open Mic Night or Sunday for a rotating schedule of fun and games. Check out our calendar or Facebook events for the most up to date information.

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Established in 2019 inside the old police car garage.

Come visit the club to appreciate the work of these builders and artists:


Heather Lee Miller - Manager & Booking

Drummer and Andover, MA native, Heather played in clubs like this all around the country. Especially in bigger cities with financial pressure on small clubs, some pass that on to bands with requirements that bands buy a minimum number of tickets to their own shows. As a musician it’s important to Heather that The Jungle will never do that. Despite rents going up in Somerville, The Jungle will never make bands pay to play. Heather played in original bands of genres ranging from hard rock to alternative; including Scour, Decoded, and Eye for None; as well as classic rock cover bands. Heather worked on both sides of the stage, as a performer and also as a server and manager at many restaurants. Heather will make The Jungle the best place for employees, customers, and musicians. Heather has been a music teacher and a full time music student where she met a lot of great musicians. Not everyone has the time or money to be a full time music student, so Heather most enjoys hosting the free open mic every Wednesday. Personally Heather’s favorite music is country and rock, among others.


Sam Epstein - Manager & Owner

First and foremost a music fan, that’s why Sam wanted to open The Jungle. As a fan there is no better place to visit or work than a local rock club. That concept has already been perfected and that’s what The Jungle is after 8pm. However, Sam wanted a better way to make friends and build a real community of people who want to support local music and go to more shows. There will never be an app for that. But now there is a community music club in the concrete jungle, with a variety of activities for people to join daily. Sam is a Somerville resident, a renter, and he worked for years in restaurants, retail, and software. One of the only constants throughout his career was the choice between happy hour or a workout. Now Sam rides in the world’s first live band cycling classes. It takes a lot of privilege to open a club that focuses on your favorite activities, and to put references to your favorite hair metal bands in the menu. But Sam is a fan of all local music and enjoys seeing all genres performing live.